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Club NOW CLOSED indefinitely Due to Government COVID-19 Restrictions. The  revised arrangements to comply with the government social distancing and other COVID secure guidelines outlined on this site will be back in operation when the club re-opens sometime in the future.

Weston snooker club is located in Weston, Bath, in a building left to the people of Weston over 150 years ago by the local vicar at the time to be used to provide local amenity to the residents of Weston.

Over the years it has evolved into a multi-purpose facility each providing a local community service. Weston Snooker Club, which was formed around a century ago, is now the cornerstone of this facility. The snooker club is administered by a group of trustees and a committee drawn from club members. Together this group manages the day to day activities of the club also manages the building and grounds for the benefit of the snooker club and the other building tenants who are providing charity and volunteer library local services for the benefit of the local residents.


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Weston Snooker Club

15 Church Street, Weston, Bath BA1 4BU

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